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Our Companies

The Stewardship Group seeks to partner with companies that are innovative and have you, our client in mind as they develop their product offerings and programs.  

For what is termed personal lines protection such as home and auto insurance we represent:


Grange Insurance
out of Columbus, Ohio has been In business since 1935.  They are a regional company that believes that insurance is more than just coverage for your most valuable assets, it's a promise of safety, security and peace of mind.  
Brethren Mutual Insurance
is located in Hagerstown, Maryland and has been established since 1897.  Brethren Mutual is committed to providing value and quality in insurance protection in addition to reliable service and financial integrity.  Brethren is the largest farm insurance writer in the state of Maryland and is our go-to company when working with farmers here in Pennsylvania.  Brethren also has a strong Business Owners program.


Lititz Mutual
operating out of Lititz, Pennsylvania, and dedicated to their heritage of Pennsylvania Dutch tradition, based upon the principles of thrift, integrity and full measure for value received,Lititz provides homeowner and business protection for our clients.

Rockingham Group
based in Harrisonburg, Virginia, believes that real relationships are caring, honest and lasting.  In business for over 140 years, they offer homeowner and auto packages that include systems equipment breakdown that covers you when when you have a sudden and accidental loss of appliances in addition to standard peril coverage on your home.

Mercury Insurance Group
has been around for 50 years and has been named one of “America’s Most
Trustworthy Companies” by Forbes magazine.  This is the fourth time the company
has received this distinction.  Mercury is the leading independent writer of automobile insurance in California and has more recently begun to write business in Pennsylvania.  We can offer both auto and homeowner protection through Mercury.

Commercial Insurance or Commercial Lines Protection is offered through Brethren, and Lititz Mutual.  For ministries and churches we offer complete packages through 
Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company out of Fort Wayne Indiana.  From their perspective, insurance is more than a commercial endeavor. It’s a platform to to help America’s churches and related ministries build the Kingdom.
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